Halon Email Security Immediately Eliminates Malicious Spam Email and False Positives Issues for Online Gaming Giant, Spil Games

Spil Games Moves from Barracuda Networks to Halon Email Security, Proves to be a “Set-and-Forget” Solution to Address Email Spam and False Positives

San Francisco, Calif, November 28, 2013Halon Security, the technology leader in email security, security routers and load balancers, today announced that Halon’s Email Security System solution solved Spil Games’ spam email issue, almost immediately eliminating massive volumes of spam emails and false positives without compromising its filtering process. Spil Games moved to Halon from Barracuda Networks email security solution after it failed to address their needs. To download the full case study, go to https://www.halon.se/news/case_study_spilgames/ 

Within half a day of deploying Halon, all our spam email problems were solved,” said Rogier Gerritse, Spil Games’ head of office IT. “Halon Email Security automatically terminated connections from known spammers and almost immediately, all of the spam emails disappeared. From there on in, we haven’t had any problems and our spam issues are a thing of the past. We know that whatever comes down the line with regards to email security, Halon will have it covered.

Invaluable for Spil Games is Halon’s effectiveness in greylisting potential spammers as possible spam email messages are temporarily rejected by the system and then evaluated. Spil Games’ technical personnel are no longer constrained by an ongoing need to effectively manage spam. Unlike its prior experiences with Barracuda’s solution, Spil Games has discovered that Halon effectively manages even massive volumes of spam, requiring only minimal management from employees and zero downtime.

Halon works hard to constantly improve their product, predicting threats down the road and enhancing its solution to adapt to these threats before they become an issue, says Gerritse. Halon has an excellent interface, which is constantly upgrading and innovating. Logging and searching within the appliance has improved tremendously.

More details about Halon Email Security can be found at http://www.halon.se/e-mail-security/

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