Data on Demand: From Smartphones to Tablets, How Mobile Carriers Can Optimize Mobile Services

Mobility is without a doubt, a big part of the IT landscape. As employees increasingly use enterprise applications (such as CRM, ERP and HR applications) while on the go, the enterprise workforce has become more mobile.  Adding to this, employees utilize their own mobiles devices for application access (BYOD – “bring your own device”), which means […]

A Look Back at Black Hat: Staying True to its Roots, But Never the Same without Barnaby Jack

Black Hat has come and gone again, the swag has been dispersed, the livers are recovering and delegates are returning to their normal lives with new ideas and newfound fears. My colleagues will be reporting on their findings, but I wanted to just touch on a few highlights of the conference, some sadness and talk […]

Greening the Data Center: How Server Virtualization Makes Next Generation Data Centers More Energy Efficient

Let’s recall exactly how server virtualization started and what it’s all about: In the late 90’s, a company named VMware developed hypervisor technology, and as much as it had immediate appeal, not too many people really understood it and only a select few believed there was a business value associated with the technology.