Cloud Authentication

Authentication as a Service

Cloud-based services adoption is increasing every year and more and more businesses embrace the benefits that derive from managing their data and applications in the cloud. In parallel, users access the organization data and applications from a growing number of devices, in different locations, opening the door to new threats.

Cloud Authentication as a Service (AaaS) enables organizations to easily apply strong authentication onto multiple access points.

Cloud Authentication Service delivers fully-automated, highly secure strong authentication with flexible token options that are tailored to the unique needs of your organization, substantially reducing the total cost of operation. With no infrastructure required, Cloud Authentication Service enables a quick migration to a multi-tier and multi-tenant cloud environment, and protects everything, from cloud-based and on-premise applications, to networks, users and devices.

  • Automates everything: to reduce overheads and maximise effectiveness
  • Protects everything: networks, applications and cloud services APIs
  • Protects everyoneand provides choices: tokens, policies and customization
  • Easy migration: move from an existing solution whilst protecting the current investment
  • Saves money: on infrastructure and resource investments