Cloud Firewall Management

Unified and flexible protection and business connectivity. Complete protection at the Internet gateway. Flexible connectivity for users. Centralized management from the cloud. Productivity improvement and bandwidth optimization.

  • Deployment options.

    Either virtual appliance (VMware, KVM, Xen) or hardware appliance installed on-site at cutomer location.

  • Protection and control of Internet access.

    Maximum protection and performance at the gateway.

  • Complete protection against malware and spam.

    Web and Email protection with detection and blocking of any type of threat or spam, storing suspicious messages and files in quarantine for later review, restoration or deletion.

  • Content Filtering

    It allows to pre-determine which files and/or messages can be sent or received in order to limit the leakage of confidential information and other potential risks.

  • Bandwidth control and optimization (QoS)

    Blocks access to inappropriate websites and identifies users consuming more bandwidth and with which services (streaming, VoIP, P2P), so that they can be limited or blocked.

  • Web page caching

    It minimizes Internet consumption by caching the most frequently accessed web pages.

  • High availability of Internet access.

    Policy Routing and Uplink High Availavility allow to select one or more alternative Internet uplinks in case the main one fails or is temporarily out of service.

  • Flexible connectivity

    Compatible with USB 3G/GPRS/UMTS modems. It allows to set it as a Wifi Access point for mobile devices (laptops or smartphones).

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    It allows for encrypted communications among them and for secure remote access to the corporate network.

  • Hotspot management

    It allows to manage a controlled and temporary Internet access (cable or wireless) for visitors , regardless of their connecting device.  Advanced configurations are available to create, delete or update connection settings down to the lowest detail.