Billion Electric based in Taiwan, was founded in 1973. We are one of the leading providers of network equipments and power supply products in Asia Pacific rim.

BILLION brand was launched in 2004. In the past few years Billion has been dedicated in developing and offering comprehensive of ADSL2+, SHDSL, VDSL, GPON and VPN Router products to meet the growing demands of varying broadband market segments.

Since March 2009, Billion has added its investment in R&D and manufacturing of Smart Grid business to illustrate Billion’s long-term focus on “Green” product development. With the supply of Smart Grid to reduce carbon emissions resulting in more energy-saving products, Billion aims to contribute to environmental protection and a green planet.

Flexible and cost-effective way of delivering advanced high-speed service.
Enable SOHO users to enjoy the freedom of secure, high-speed Internet connectivity at the home, office, even on the road.
Offers more convenience, data security, cost-effective communication, and entertainment options in your home.
Enables high-speed broadband multimedia applications running over existing power loops around home.
Broadband over Powerline ( BPL) delivers the broadband connection throughout the whole building without costly re-cabling, quickly and easily.
Ethernet over Coax ( EoC ) upgrade networks to high speed broadband access over existing CATV network by minimized installation cost.
ZigBee / PLC delivers two-way information to consumers, giving insight and management into household energy footprints.
A full range of Smart Grid AMI solutions which are using for smart metering, data collection and transmission over AMI backbone.
Billion LED driver series provide high efficient and reliable street lighting application without compromising illumination quality.
Centralized management system to monitor and control street light assets with flexibility and efficiency

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