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 Halon Security Software Secured Networks

Halon Security is known for there anti-spam and firewall/router gateways with the kind of uncompromising flexibility, shared API capabilities, security design, openness and amazing scripting that makes them fit perfectly even for the most demanding customers, such as hosting providers.

All product platforms are flexible and easy to integrate, with advanced scripting capabilities and unique open API, therefore Halons platform is an obvious solution for hosting providers and cloud services. Customers can choose from variety of deployment possibilities: products are available as hardware, software, virtual or hosted solutions.

Halon Security E-mail

Fits the most demanding customers, without compromise, thanks to virtually unlimited flexibility, scripting and full APIs for integration. The in-line processing eliminates unnecessary configuration and makes no messages are ever lost; spam is rejected, delivery errors are reported and everyting else is delivered.

Halon Security router

Wouldn’t it be nice with real, enterprise routing such as
BGP and MPLS in a firewall? We thought so too. This is an
open, flexible software distribution based on OpenBSD
with an unprecedented API for integration and
provisioning, available as software for bare-metal or

Halon Security load balancer

Flexible and ready for the future. It features an unprecedented API, layer-3 IPv6-to-v4, scriptable checks, balancing of any IP protocol, SSL acceleration using Intel’s AES-NI on standard servers, zero-configuration clustering, revision-managed plain-text configuration, self-provisioning and advanced routing.

For more information, please visit www.halonsecurity.com